Justice is the Glue that holds Social Systems Together

Justice in the workplaceLaw 16 of The Proposition starts to really introduce the fact that within the fallible human being, our incentive-driven free will, our imperfect systems, our limited resources – it’s justice that is the glue that holds everything together. We spend a lot of time working with organizations that come to us to talk about justice at first, not because inherently we as individuals feel we are terribly unjust, but organizationally there can either be a perception by our employees that we are unjust. Or perhaps there are customers that are unjust.

We navigate the fact that justice is the glue that holds the social systems, the socio-technical systems and the organization together.

To truly understand what it is to be just we peer in for a period of time and we really start looking at where the injustice is, if it’s real, if it’s perceived. And whether it’s real or not, you’ll need a system that’s going to help you navigate through that.

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