Outcome Engenuity helps organizations in high consequence industries engineer better outcomes through Just Culture, Root Cause Analysis, and Model-Based Risk Management. Our CEO, David Marx, founded the Just Culture movement and our effective and comprehensive Just Culture model has resulted in improved results for organizations world wide.

Just Culture Tools and Training

Just Culture

Just Culture has become a best practice, especially in high consequence industries, and is a key component of an effective safety culture. The Outcome Engenuity model of Just Culture along with the training, tools, and services we provide are the most comprehensive available today.

HRO, Model-Based Risk Management Training and Tools

Model-Based Risk Management

Becoming a high reliability organization is a function of achieving highly reliable outcomes. Outcome Engenuity’s approach to model-based risk management helps organizations evaluate the current state and design systems and guide human choices in those systems to produce better outcomes.

Root Cause Analysis Training and Software

Root Cause Analysis

Events are windows into organizational risk and an effective event investigation methodology is crucial to learning. Outcome Engenuity’s approach to Root Cause Analysis gives organizations innovative ways to learn about risk within the organization and to identify how to allocate resources to manage these risks effectively.