We help our clients across industries manage the collective risks of our shared fallibility.



Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Software for more insightful analysis of the single event. Years of expertise in the investigation of events has been our motivation to design the most robust Causal Diagramming Tool available and we're giving it away. Yes, it's free.

The Electronic
 Supplement to the Just Culture Algorithm™ for consistent behavioral evaluations. Our model of workplace justice and accountability is reliable due to the proven efficacy of the Algorithm at its core. Now, our renowned Algorithm is accessible as an online supplemental reference tool. Mobile friendly and there whenever you need it.

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This video is one of many organizations using the Outcome Engenuity model. It is what we call a "Commitment Video". It clearly communicates the expectations and the commitment being made from leadership to all the staff within the organization. A Commitment to hold all people and systems to the same shared accountability based on 3 behaviors around 3 duties in a framework of 5 core skills. Historically the term Just Culture is used synonymously with building Workplace Accountability.


The Latest book by David Marx.
Dave's Subs: A Novel Story About Workplace Accountability

five-stars"If you work in an organisation, get this and read it. This is an excellent novel, which tells the story of how people, culture and organisations interact. In doing so, it reinforces the messages which I've heard at training courses in a novel (pun intended) and effective fashion. This book achieved what very few do: I sat down and read it all in an evening, going to bed late so I could finish it. Highly recommended." - G.P. Robertson

five-stars"This was a great instructional primer on how to manage workers...Really, how often is a management book also a novel? And how often do we become attached to the characters? This book is one of the more creative and fun books I’ve read in a long time." - Diane Byington, Ph.D.

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