UPenn Law’s Quattrone Center receives $350,000 for deep just culture reviews

The Quattrone Center for the Fair Administration of Justice at the University of Pennsylvania Law School was recently awarded $350,000 in funding from the National Institute of Justice to conduct extensive reviews of error in Philadelphia’s criminal system using a just culture approach, according to a recent article from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. The funding will go toward the Philadelphia Event Review Team (PERT), which will be launched early 2016. PERT will assemble major criminal justice agencies to deeply analyze cases with unintended outcomes in Philadelphia’s criminal justice system in order to identify, prioritize and implement reforms across the various criminal justice agencies. Read the entire Penn Law article below:

Watch John Hollway discuss the Philadelphia Event Review Team below. See Full Article Here.

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New Zealand agency identifies behaviors, others’ ‘Mistakes’

Last year, the New Zealand Transportation Agency (NZTA) launched their 'Mistakes' campaign, emphasizing the impact of behaviors and choices made on the road, and was directed at competent drivers who tend to drive above the speed limit. On the campaign's webpage, NZTA reported 83 deaths and 408 serious injuries from speeding accidents in 2013.

At the core of the campaign, the NZTA addresses the fact that to err is human: though drivers feel competent driving a fast speed, the drivers cannot control the mistakes of others on the road, leaving very little room for at-risk and reckless behaviors on the roads.

The NZTA identifies, emphasizes, and aims to re-frame the behavioral choices of those living in New Zealand through this campaign, an undeniable example of efforts being made in New Zealand to bring awareness to core "just culture" concepts, such as recognizing and investigating the root of behaviors.

Much like the NZTA, other New Zealand companies are seeking "just culture"--one such company being Air New Zealand, who has taken initiative to host a Just Culture Certification Course through Outcome Engenuity on May 13-15, 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand.

Over the three day certification course, key leaders from within companies will learn to improve their systems built around their employees, manage at-risk behaviors, create a more open reporting culture, learn how to properly use the Just Culture Algorithm and more.

Registration for the Auckland Just Culture Certification Course is currently open. The certification course is located at Air New Zealand Ltd. 185 Fanshawe St., Auckland 1010, New Zealand.

May 13-15, 2015

Auckland, New Zealand

Just Culture Certification Course

Hosted by Air New Zealand