Certification Courses




Our Highly Reliable Outcomes (HRO) Certification Course is the core—three days on the topics of system design and the management of behavioral choices. There is no secret sauce to make an organization good at everything they do. Instead, there are only organizations that achieve greatness around the things that they value and are willing to commit the time and resources to protect.

In our three-day course, we’ll give managers the practical tools to produce better outcomes. It’s the course for how to build truly reliable systems, and how to help humans in those systems achieve the outcomes you intend. Visit the course page for more information and registration. 


At Outcome Engenuity, we’ve created a new three-day Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Certification Course. This course teaches how to learn from events, a critical piece of feedback to create and maintain highly reliable outcomes. Wether you have multiple events or even just a a single event, these events are windows into organizational risk. They give us data—limited in scope, but still essential for building a complete picture of what’s happening in the organization. We’ve also developed free RCA software to complement our investigation methodology. This software will help you to get more out of even a single event. We think it’s the most effective RCA process ever developed. Discover what and how to learn from the single event. Visit the course page for more information and registration.


The Workplace Accountability (WA) Course (formerly the Just Culture Champion Certification Course) is designed to help organizations achieve better outcomes, pursue sustainable and positive culture change through learning and justice, and to reduce adverse events. We take an in-depth look at specific accountabilities for all levels of staff and leadership, the nature of duties owed by organizations to their staff and clients, regulators, investors and other organizational influences.

This is accomplished by developing in-house expertise in the 5 Skills and the Just Culture Algorithm™. Participants in this three-day course are provided with the tools and knowledge to lead cultural change and build effective socio-technical, justice, and learning systems in their organizations. Visit the course page for more information and registration.