Certification Courses

The Just Culture Champion Certification Course is designed to help organizations achieve better outcomes, pursue positive and sustainable culture change through learning and justice, and reduce adverse events. Participants in this three-day course will take an in-depth look at the influences surrounding their organizations choices and behaviors, and will be provided with the tools and knowledge to implement new learning systems and cultural changes in their organizations.


2aug - 4aug 28:00 amaug 4Wilmington, DE

9aug - 11aug 98:00 amaug 11Clearwater, FL


19sep - 21sep 198:00 amsep 21Springfield, MO

26sep - 28sep 268:00 amsep 28Minneapolis, MN


16oct - 18oct 168:00 amoct 18New York, NY

The Highly Reliable Outcomes (HRO) Certification Course is a three-day session dedicated to system design and the management of behavioral choices within an organization. Course leaders will focus on the ability to achieve greatness around the values an organization is willing to commit time and resources to protect.  Attend the HRO course and learn how to build truly reliable systems, incorporate ways to track system results, and help the humans in those systems achieve the best possible outcomes.


12sep - 14sep 128:00 amsep 14Minneapolis, MN


7nov - 9nov 78:00 amnov 9New York, NY

The Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Certification Course demonstrates how to learn from adverse events. These events, whether small or large, are essential for building a complete picture of what’s happening in the organization.  Through this course, and use of Outcome Engenuity’s free RCA software, attendees will learn how to increase responsiveness during event inquiries, understand causal chains, identify the most cost-effective points of intervention, and build their own system for event investigation.


10oct - 12oct 108:00 amoct 12Minneapolis, MN

24oct - 26oct 248:00 amoct 26New York, NY