john Westphal Senior Advisor at Outcome EngenuityJohn Westphal

Outcome Engenuity Chief Advisor
As our Chief Advisor, John has more than two decades of experience in high consequence industries. He has worked with NASA, healthcare, energy companies, and the airline industry developing prevention strategies using the Socio-Technical Probabilistic Risk Assessment (ST-PRA) methodology. John also trains organizational leaders in the Five Skills and proper use of the Just Culture Algorithm™ in Just Culture Certification Courses.

Ellen McDermott-Buckspan Advisor at Outcome EngenuityEllen J. McDermott, JD

Outcome Engenuity Advisor

Advisor Ellen McDermott is an attorney and Army veteran.  Ellen helps organizations from a wide variety of industries achieve better outcomes through the learning and application of the Just Culture model. She is well-known for her skill in teaching Just Culture Certification Courses and our Train-the-Trainer program.

AaronHaskins_HSAaron Haskins

Outcome Engenuity Advisor

Aaron Haskins is an Advisor at Outcome Engenuity with extensive experience in operations, logistics, and safety leadership; he has conducted numerous event investigations and advised senior leaders on organizational and system improvement in many areas, from human resources management to maintenance processes. Aaron is a former Army officer and an economist, specializing in behavioral economics and complex systems.

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