David Marx presents as core speaker at ISQua International Conference

IsquaDoha2015Just in October, healthcare leaders from across the world gathered together in Doha, Qatar at the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) International Conference to improve patient safety through the sharing and garnering of innovations and promoting new ideas.

As an international conference devoted to the improvement of patient safety, ISQua sought out the world’s chief healthcare experts to facilitate learning through presenting on their areas of expertise. Among the sought-after experts was Outcome Engenuity CEO and father of Just Culture, David Marx — considering his extensive experience in pioneering, developing and implementing Just Culture principles in healthcare — as well as various other industries across the globe.

A study in the Journal of Patient Safety from 2014 reported that more than 400,000 patients’ die every year from preventable medical harm. Bearing these numbers in mind, health care organizations are increasingly longing for justice and accountability within their complex systems to better manage employee behavior, improve learning systems and produce better outcomes (and so improve patient safety) within their organization. Consequently, this is a matter many health care leaders long to dive in to, making Marx a prime candidate as a core speaker at the ISQua International Conference.

Recognizing that hospitals, nursing facilities and ambulatory care facilities all face the task of building a stronger culture of accountability within their organizations, Marx framed his presentation around the movement to create a more accountable culture within the workplace. Marx also discussed the necessity of building a strong reporting and investigative culture, as well as the task of managing behavioral choices, providing many insights for organizations striving to accomplish this task:

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