ISMP Presents Lifetime Achievement Award to David Marx

David Marx Lifetime Achievement Award

David Marx Lifetime Achievement AwardAt its Annual Cheers Awards Dinner on December 6, 2016, ISMP presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to David Marx, CEO of Outcome Engenuity, for his ongoing contributions to healthcare patient safety initiatives and his significant impact on safe medication practices.  In a career spanning three decades, ISMP recognized David Marx as a true pioneer in the safety world.  Through the integration of systems engineering, human factors, and the law, David has built working environments that are more resistant to human error and changed the paradigm for how we manage individuals involved in medication errors and other types of failed outcomes.

David has authored a Patient Safety Guide for the National Institutes of Health, advised the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality on safety issues, created the Five Rules of Causation for the FAA, and led an external team benchmarking NASA’s Space Shuttle processing. Additionally, he has authored two books on workplace accountability: Whack-a-Mole: The Price We Pay For Expecting Perfection and Dave’s Subs: A Novel Story About Workplace Accountability. In 2005, ISMP awarded David an individual Cheers Award for his development of the Just Culture model. Incorporating lessons learned from aviation, aerospace, transportation, healthcare and other high-risk industries, David continues his efforts to help workplaces achieve highly reliable outcomes through his development of human factors risk modeling methods and as the father of the Just Culture accountability model.

imsp_cheers_awardOutcome Engenuity is honored to be recognized by Michael Cohen, founder, and CEO of ISMP, and his lifetime achievements of making medication practice safer for all through his tireless work at ISMP.

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