Just Culture Assessment Tool

New! Software to Hardwire Just Culture in Your Organization. ONLY from Outcome Engenuity! The Just Culture Assessment Tool is a desktop application that helps managers review events and behavioral choices using the Outcome Engenuity Just Culture Algorithm. It will help operationalize use of the Just Culture Algorithm with HIPAA-style security to safeguard employee data.
The Online Advisor feature provides real-time assistance to managers to ensure consistent use of the Just Culture Algorithm across the organization. The ability to securely save Assessments makes documentation of events available to management in the organization.

Just Culture Assessment Tool by Outcome Engenuity

Benefits of Just Culture Assessment Tool

  • Operationalizes the use of the Just Culture Algorithm in the organization.
  • Improves the quality and consistency of assessments by providing “Online Advisor” tips and techniques.
  • Saves completed assessments for review by others resulting in better management and HR oversight of assessments.

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