Just Culture
Assessment Tool

The Just Culture Assessment Tool (JCAT) is your answer to hardwiring Just Culture into your organization. It is an electronic version of our Just Culture Algorithm™. For you as a leader, it’s your best path to ensuring your managers are following the tenets of a Just Culture throughout their daily work. If they see an event or behavior that may be adverse to the employee, it’s their job to document their thinking with the JCAT. It’s reviewable, auditable data for you as an organization to use as a measure of your shift to a more open, fair, and just culture.

Just Culture Assessment Tool
  • It’s the Just Culture Algorithm™ in electronic form.
  • It’s got built-in Advisor text and video help down to individual Algorithm questions.
  • It’s single user, or enterprise.
  • It’s reviewable by leaders, safety, and HR.
  • It’s secure – allowing no data to be stored on a local machine.
  • It’s got an audit trail to securely record any revisions.
  • It’s Window and Mac compatible.

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