Dave’s Subs: A Novel Story About Workplace Accountability


ISBN: 978-0984041961  –  352 Pages

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The setting is a fictional sub shop. Inside is a management framework, The framework you will see unfold are the dynamics of a workplace revolution. In the real world we have seen this management framework of accountability take place in Aviation and Healthcare for the last 30 years. It's time we move this revolution of improved accountability into every workplace culture.
We're human. Making mistakes is in our DNA and those errors can hurt others and us in big ways. For a more enlightened view of how we can reduce those errors we must push out the old tactics of blame and shame. We can also greatly improve the accountability of staff and leadership alike. To experience this means building a different culture. It requires building a learning culture. It demands designing for the outcomes we intend. The revolution comes, however, when it spreads beyond aviation and healthcare to every employer including your local sub shop.
Come alongside Milo, a manager at the fictional Dave's Subs, and his five inescapably fallible employees. Be part of Milo's year-long journey to find a better system of workplace justice. Be part of the revolution.


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About The Author: David Marx is a true pioneer in the internationally recognized safety practice of Just Culture. He draws on experience that spans more than two decades of examining laws, regulations, and industry practices to help lawmakers, regulatory authorities, and organizational leaders fulfill their responsibilities to produce safer outcomes. Marx currently leads Outcome Engenuity, formerly Outcome Engineering, in the development and implementation of values supportive practices and culture within high consequence organizations. Just Culture is the hallmark of risk management for which Outcome Engenuity is known. A Just Culture encourages open reporting that can lead to improved systems and behaviors within complex socio-technical environments. Marx believes that to create better outcomes, regulatory authorities, regulated organizations, and staff must work within a fair and just system and hold each other accountable for choices they make within that system. Marx's Just Culture Algorithm advises to console true human errors, coach against risky behaviors, and ultimately discipline reckless behavior. A strong Just Culture puts a premium on critical decision making skills and asks the organization to continually evaluate the risks inherent in the systems it creates, and asks staff members to do the same with the choices they make. Marx's expertise in aviation/aerospace is supported by his experience at Boeing, where he was an aircraft design engineer. He organized a human factors and safety group at Boeing and was awarded the International Federation of Airworthiness Whittle Safety Award for his development of a human error investigation process used by airlines around the world. The Federal Aviation Administration's Human Factors Research Program and the NASA Space Shuttle Program used Marx as a primary advisor, and he was NASA's principal consultant in the development of the agency's major mishap investigation process. Marx was also an outside team leader in benchmarking space shuttle processing quality. In the healthcare sector, Marx authored Patient Safety and the Just Culture : A Primer for Healthcare Executives for the US National Institutes of Health. He also advises the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in its efforts to improve patient safety.