Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Certification Course & Free Software

It’s a fundamental piece of any corporate learning system. Experience a single adverse event. Conduct a root cause analysis, make some fixes, and hope it doesn’t repeat.

The problem is that most organizations do less-than-optimal investigations. First, very few people know what can, and should, be learned from a single event. Second, if they do know, they nevertheless struggle with how to conduct the investigation.

Single events are windows into organizational risk. They give us data—limited in scope, but still essential for building a complete picture of what’s happening in the organization.

At Outcome Engenuity, we’ve created a new three-day Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Certification Course. We’ve also developed free cause-and-effect diagraming software to complement our investigation methodology. We think it’s the most effective RCA process ever developed. In our three-day course, we explore the capacity of the single event investigation to provide meaningful insights into organizational risk. We teach what and how to learn from the single event.

Better RCA’s are available to most organizations. In our three-day course, we’ll give attendees software and practical tools to produce better event investigative results. From NASA to healthcare, from aviation to power generation—we’ve worked across industries to produce better investigative results. Come join us for three days of RCA immersion—learning the skills that will make you a better investigator. That’s our guarantee.

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6jun - 8jun 68:00 amjun 8Outcome Engenuity Corporate OfficeMinneapolis Metro AreaEvent Type :Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

Get the RCA Software

Yes, It's Totally Free.

You do not need to take the course to get the software, though we do recommend it to use it to it's intended potential.


Day 1

  • The Human Being 2.25 hours
    System 1 and 2
    Risk Monitor
    PIDA Model
  • How Do We Humans Learn 1.25 hours
    Trial and Error
    Threat and Hazard Identification
    Artificial Danger
  • Understanding Human Error 1.75 hours
    Slip, Lapse, or Mistake of Fact
    Performance Shaping Factors
  • Understanding At-Risk Behavior 1.75 hours
    Competing Values
    Group Norms
    Load Shedding

Day 2

  • Prospective Risk Modeling         1.25 hours
    Expected or Anticipated Failures
  • Feedback loops and Audit Systems   1.50 hours
    Observations and Surveys
    Occurrence Reporting
    Performance Measures
  • Single Event RCA         4.25 hours
    Limitations on Learning from Single Events
    Elements within a Causal Diagram
    Building a Cause and Effect Diagram

Day 3

  • Single Event RCA (cont.)        1.50 hours
    Review of Scenarios
  • RCA Software Tool and Causal Diagramming   4.00 hours
    Review of tool and Causal Diagramming practice
  • Systemic Analysis         1.50 hours
    Statistical tools
    Large Data Trend Analysis
    Systemic Failure Analysis