Online Training Courses

Included in the Just Culture Academy

Just Culture for Managers Online Course

Introduce managers to the principles of Just Culture. This course covers:

  • Three Duties of employees
  • The Three Manageable Behaviors
  • Event investigation
  • Systems design
  • The use of the Just Culture Algorithm™ as a key decision-making tool

Managers will be educated in concepts which create a safety-supportive culture, supporting an open reporting environment while holding employees accountable for their choices.

Please Note: an accompanying printed workbook is available. See bottom of this webpage.

Event Investigation Toolkit

This 1½ hour Event Investigation online training product outlines the Five Rules of Causation necessary to effectively investigate events. Originally developed for use in the aviation industry, our model has been used extensively in numerous healthcare and other high-consequence organizations to identify and mitigate the risk of adverse events and accidents. This course is recommended for all supervisors, front-line managers, and investigators.

Coaching & Mentoring

This 1-hour online course focuses on the skills necessary to coach and mentor within a Just Culture organization. Within a Just Culture, effective coaching and mentoring are principal tools in managing at-risk behavior. In the model, coaching is a supportive discussion with an employee about a choice that was made; providing positive feedback for safe behavioral choices and/or increasing awareness of risk involved in the choice by examining the consequences. This course is recommended for all managers who are tasked with influencing his/her staff’s perceptions of risk.

Physician’s Training

The Physician’s Training Course trains around the Just Culture Physician Algorithm™ as one hour of online training that provides physician leaders and peer review committee leaders guidance on how to ensure consistently better outcomes when reviewing events and behaviors. The training expands upon the Just Culture Training for Healthcare Managers™ by describing the specific accountabilities of physicians. The course will describe the nature of the duties owed by physicians to their patients, the healthcare organization in which they practice, the medical boards, and their professional associations.

Managers Comprehensive Training Printed Packs

This Option Adds Printed Materials to the Just Culture Academy for the following courses: Just Culture Training for Managers, Event Investigation and Coaching and Mentoring.


These comprehensive
packs include:

    • Just Culture Algorithm v3.2
    • Event Investigation Toolkit
    • Coaching and Mentoring Action Guide
    • Just Culture for Managers – Workbook
    • Full Access to All Just Culture Academy Courses

Safe Choices™ Training For Staff – Online

To better assist you in providing Just Culture Training to your employees, the one-hour online Safe Choices™ Training for staff is designed to provide your employees with a high level overview of the Just Culture concepts. The purpose of this course is to highlight the impact of an employee’s role in the Just Culture at your organization. Not only is this training about making choices that impact safety, but it is also about aligning values, designing better systems, and about how we communicate with each other.

Upon completing the Safe Choices™ Training for staff, each employee will be on their way to making safer choices and having impact in the Just Culture of your organization.

The online training consists of:

  • Five minute introduction video that outlines some Just Culture basics
  • 23 minute movie that shows some everyday scenarios where staff can observe and apply Just Culture principles
  • Six modules that reference back to the movie, ending with a question or two that checks the employee’s learning progress