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Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Software

Among other affectionate names, we're calling it CDT, (Causal Diagramming Tool). You'll call it a revelation!

For more insightful investigations, there is simply no other tool designed to take your investigations of the single event as deep and information-rich as this one. One of the many ways this software will help you accomplish this is we have embedded the Just Culture Algorithm™ into its core. This important feature, the Just Culture Algorithm™, is proprietary IP of Outcome Engenuity. Having this readily available within your analysis will allow you to better asses the causal strength in view of the choices the humans had in the outcome. Additionally you can custom tag specific event details. We've incorporated Risk Mitigation Indexing, Behavioral Classifications, Probabilistic and Direct cause indicators, and much much more.

Download it now and you'll see nothing else compares to it. Your results and insights to improve your outcomes will never be the same.


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Online Supplement to The Just Culture Algorithm™

Those who currently use our Just Culture Algorithm™ will appreciate this supplemental tool. Over 10 years in it's perfecting and having proved itself among the toughest of socio technical experts,  The Just Culture Algorithm™ now is supplemented by this long awaited online reinforcement tool. The Just Culture Algorithm™ is the tool world class organizations have benefited from with its proven reliability in helping to protect and keep staff accountable to the organizational values. A Workplace Accountability requires consistency and justice. This free web-based support tool allows users of The Just Culture Algorithm™ to be more confident of the decisions they are making over the duties and behavioral breaches they are evaluating. This tool provides tips and focused viewports of the algorithm to ensure the key concerns and definitions are properly applied by those trained in the Culture of Accountability Course. Looking for the hard copy, printed trifold version of The Just Culture Algorithm™? Get it here.

This web-based tool will run on most desktops and mobile device browsers with javascript enabled.

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