For Just Culture Certified Champions who are ready to take the next step in building a better world by becoming a Certified Just Culture Trainer. This Just Culture Certified Train the Trainer program teaches and prepares one to share their expertise and knowledge to other leaders and managers.

Just Culture Certified TrainerWhy Should I Become a Just Culture Certified Instructor?

This program fulfills two opportunities:


#1 Train Others In Your Organization (Train the Trainer).  Be properly trained, supported and certified by an Outcome Engenuity Advisor so you can competently train others within your organization.  This provides a valuable cost benefit for larger organizations and for organizations with a large geographical footprint, as it permits you to conduct quality training as-needed….This is above and beyond the Champion Certification.  Champions serve as subject matter experts within the organization, but may still struggle with how to share so much knowledge in a condensed training session.  By becoming a Certified Just Culture Instructor, an Advisor will assist Instructors in developing a training session up to one day in length that is customized to the Instructor's organization.

#2 Be An Outcome Engenuity Approved Just Culture Certified Instructor To Other Organizations WorldWide. Be qualified to publicly train leaders and managers of various organizations under the certified authenticity of the highly regarded, copyrighted and trademarked Outcome Engenuity, Just Culture Algorithm™, 5 skills, 3 behaviors and 3 duties model. There are many flavors of just culture being propagated out there, but only one holds the efficacy of the Father of Just Culture, creator of the Just Culture Algorithm™, author of Whack-a-Mole: The Price We Pay For Expecting Perfection and the soon to be released book titled Dave's Subs: The Workplace Revolution That Started With An Imaginary Franchise and CEO of Outcome Engenuity, David Marx. This certification can be yours to proudly uphold with a qualifying skill set that is sought after by high risk industries around the world.

The most successful Just Culture initiatives blend verified Just Culture training skills with personal industry leadership experience.  We invite our most successful Champions to take the next step. Champions who would like to share Just Culture with others and intend to lead one-to-two day Just Culture Training Sessions are invited to become Outcome Engenuity Certified Just Culture Instructors.  This program is an intensive train-the-trainer approach.

Portrait of an handsome black businessmanWhat Does It Take To Achieve This Certified Instructor Status?

Step 1:

Be an Outcome Engenuity Certified Just Culture Champion.

Step 2:

Must score a 80 or above on the Just Culture Certification Exam (no need to retake the course in its entirely, only the exam; it is permissible to retake the exam as necessary to improve one’s score) no earlier than 90 days prior to Step 3.  This is to ensure that Instructors are current in their Just Culture knowledge prior to entering this program.

Step 3:

Receive the Stand-up Training Program from your assigned Advisor at least two weeks prior to training.  Advisor will provide instructions on how to personalize the training program to best suit your experience and your industry.  The Advisor will be your on-call resource during these two weeks to help you develop your stand-up training program.  It is recommended that Instructors work in teams 5 to prepare and deliver training..

Step 4:

May be done simultaneously with Step 3. We suggest your students complete all online training modules prior to class.  This is to ensure familiarity with the materials and prepare them for an engaging and constructive class.

Step 5:

On Site Dress rehearsal.  You approximately 5 additional Instructors must deliver your training session in a closed-door rehearsal with your Advisor.  A small test audience may be gathered at the initiative of the Advocates for their feedback, or it may remain only the Instructors and the Advisor.

Step 6:

On Site Delivery.  Instructors will deliver training in front of a live audience, with Advisor present to help facilitate.  Advisor will grade Instructors on demonstrated proficiency in Just Culture and facilitating classroom discussion and group work.  If passable scores, Instructors become Certified Just Culture Instructors and an optional Certification Plaque may be presented on conclusion of training.  Certification is good for 2 years upon issuance so long as certification has not yet lapsed.  If certification has lapsed, Advisor will determine which steps must be repeated for re-certification.

To become re-certified, Step 6 only must be repeated with Advisor present.

 Take The Next Step. Become A Certified Instructor.

Happy Business Teamwork

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