Workplace Accountability Champion Certification Course



Outcome Engenuity is pleased to offer our Workplace Accountability (formerly known as Just Culture) Champion Certification Course. This course is designed to help organizations achieve better outcomes, pursue sustainable and positive culture change through learning and justice, and to reduce adverse events. We take an in-depth look at specific accountabilities of all levels of staff and leadership, the nature of duties owed by organizations to their staff and clients, regulators, investors and other organizational influences.

The Workplace Accountability Champion Certification Course is divided into three phases to provide the participants with rich and diverse learning experiences. These phases include online training, the Workplace Accountability (Just Culture) Certification Course, and a proficiency exam.  Each phase builds on the previous learning opportunity and provides the participant with additional knowledge, understanding and application of Just Culture principles.  All three phases are required for a participant to be formally recognized as a Workplace Accountability Certified Champion.

Participants establish a foundation-level understanding of Just Culture principles through access to online training that is both self-paced and flexible for the adult learner. These online trainings aren’t mandatory; however, in order to get a participant better prepared, we highly recommend completing all of the following training prior to the Just Culture Certification Course. Throughout the course we will explore concepts and develop supporting skills in the following areas:

  • Just Culture for Managers -2 to 3 hour Online Course
  • Event Investigation -1 to 2 hour online course
  • Coaching and Mentoring -1 to 2 hour online course
  • The relationship between learning systems and justice


This training is the facilitator-led classroom component of the course.  The course includes presentations, individual and group activities, coursework and homework. The following training products will be provided to each participant:

  • Workplace Accountability Certification Course Binder (which includes the facilitator’s slide deck)
  • Just Culture for Employer Algorithm™ v3.2
  • Just Culture for  Managers - Workbook
  • Event Investigation Toolkit
  • Coaching and Mentoring Action Guide
  • Just Culture Overview - Booklet

Dates & Locations

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11jul - 13jul 118:00 amjul 13Outcome EngenuityMinneapolis, MNEvent Type :Workplace Accountability

2aug - 4aug 28:00 amaug 4Wilmington HospitalWilmington, DEEvent Type :Medication Safety Focused,Workplace Accountability

9aug - 11aug 98:00 amaug 11BayCare Health System, Inc.Clearwater, FLEvent Type :Workplace Accountability

22aug - 24aug 228:00 amaug 24Overlake Hospital Medical CenterBellevue, WAEvent Type :Workplace Accountability

19sep - 21sep 198:00 amsep 21CoxHealthSpringfield, MOEvent Type :Workplace Accountability

16oct - 18oct 168:00 amoct 18Northwell HealthNew York, NYEvent Type :Workplace Accountability

What does a Just Culture organization look like? Watch this video to learn more.


The Certification Proficiency Exam is mandatory for participants seeking Certification as a Workplace Accountability Champion. The exam is a 50 question multiple choice assessment which tests the participant’s knowledge and proficiency in Workplace Accountability principles and the use of the Just Culture Algorithm™. A link to the online multiple choice exam will be emailed to participants (via the email provided at registration) on the last day of the Certification Course. The exam should be submitted online within 60 days of the Certification Course conclusion. The passing score is 80%.

If a participant scores below 80%, he/she will be sent a link within 7–10 days of his/her original test completion to retake the proficiency exam.

Upon completion of these steps you will be considered certified, becoming a Workplace Accountability Champion. You will receive access to the Champions Linkedin Group. The Champions Linkedin Group was created for you to network with other champions. Share your experiences and best practices on improving your organization's culture, investigating an event, building a causal diagram map, designing reliable systems to achieve highly reliable outcomes, and much more.

Why does it take three days to learn the Just Culture?

Customers have asked the question. A manager can learn to walk through the Algorithm in a matter of hours. A manager can learn to build a rudimentary cause and effect diagram in an hour. A manager can receive an introduction to human factors in an hour or two. In total, a manager will generally spend a day learning about accountability and what it looks like. Those managers will feel a bit overwhelmed by the day’s learning, some from the complexity of the tools, some from the foreign nature of the ideas as compared to what organizations typically do today.

It’s material that cannot be condensed into an eight-hour managerial course. Every organization that chooses to implement Workplace Accountability will need a critical mass of internal champions who understand the concepts and tools at a greater-than introductory depth. It has been said that not everyone is a doctor, not everyone an astronaut not everyone a gymnast, but we are, indeed, all judges. Employees have deeply held beliefs about how their peers, and their managers, should be held accountable. The Workplace Accountability model will likely be at odds with many of those beliefs. The workplace is just too complex, and currently beliefs too deeply held, to create a culture change through one day of manager’s training.

Scenarios will arise that will test a manager’s skill, and a manager’s resolve to manage in a different way. Perhaps it’s an at-risk behavior leading to harm, but with the recognition that many of the other staff are skipping the same safety task. Perhaps it’s the recognition that one group of employees is being held accountable to a standard when others are not. These are not easy scenarios to address.

An organization needs well-trained internal champions to make Just Culture concepts a reality. And that’s what the three-day certification course creates – certified culture changing champions.


8:00 am - 12:00pm Introduction to Just Culture

  • Introductions
  • What is Workplace Justice Today? Models of Accountability
  • Outcome/Severity Bias
  • How Did We Get Here? A Legal Background
  • The Proposition

12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm - 2:30pm Skill #1: Aligning Values and Expectations

  • Who We Are as Human Beings
  • Imposers & Duties
  • Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • To Err is Human
  • To Drift is Human
  • Our Risky World
  • Managing Competing Values & Competing Duties
  • A Simple Model

2:30pm - 3:30pm Skill #2: Designing Better Systems

  • 16 Design Laws of a Just Culture
  • System Design Strategies
  • A Case Study, Practical Exercise

3:30pm - 5:00pm - Skill #3: Making Better Behavioral Choices

  • The Model Penal Code
  • Human Intentions
  • Managing the Three Behaviors
  • A Case Study, Practical Exercise
  • The Biggest Threat to Safety


8:00am - 9:30am Skill #3: Making Better Behavioral Choices (cont.)

  • Review
  • The "Reasonable Person" Standard
  • A Case Study, Practical Exercise

9:30am - 12:00pm Skill #4: Learning to Systematically Learn

  • Threshold Investigation
  • Five Rules of Causation
  • A Case Study, Practical Exercise
  • Causal Diagramming
  • A Case Study, Practical Exercise

12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm - 5:00pm Skill #5: Finding Justice

  • The Three Duties
  • Duty to Produce an Outcome
  • Duty to Follow a Procedural Rule
  • Duty to Avoid Causing Unjustifiable Risk or Harm
  • Case Studies, Practical Exercises


8:00am - 12:00pm Skill #5: Finding Justice (cont.)

  • Review
  • Repetitive Human Errors
  • Repetitive At-Risk Behaviors
  • The Duty to Save
  • Case Studies, Practical Exercises

12:00pm - 1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm - 3:00pm The Big Event

3:00pm - 4:00pm Just Culture Integration - The Road Ahead (optional)

  • Final Questions and Answers
  • Closing Comments
  • Upon completion of the course, Advisors remain to address questions regarding Just Culture Integration strategies (not mandatory for Workplace Accountability Champion Certification)